TICR Project Website…

is now live and be accessed here

We have 5 data centre site surveys scheduled in February and March, with another 4 waiting to be confirmed.

We have one more spot available for an 'Enterprise' Data Centre in the Midlands, North of England or Scotland to arrange.

If you'd like to be considered for this remaining spot, please contact us on info@carbon3it.com with TICR in the subject line.

You'll be asked to complete a short survey form and allow our refrigeration expert to take a very good look at your current cooling solution, in return you'll get a series of recommendations for improvement and you'll* be included in our reports back to BEIS who are funding the project.

We're also arranging for a TICR project update to take place at the forthcoming Data Centre Alliance Transformation Conference taking place in Birmingham on the 18th May 2023, more information can be found on this link

*You can opt out of this element if you wish



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