The Warwickshire Scrubbers!

Our Operations Manager and Co-Director, Rachel Booth took a decision last year when lockdown hit to utilise her skills elsewhere.

Rachel worked alongside a team of other like-minded women to co-ordinate the creation and delivery of scrubs, scrub bags, headbands, masks and other items for Warwickshire (and sometimes beyond) fulfilling needs at a number of hospitals and care homes.

As a result of this work the team were recognized by the High Sheriff in the Community Awards and we have just had news that Rachel has been awarded a British Empire Award in the 2021 Birthday Honours list.

The offical notice can be found on the London Gazette website and she is mentioned in this BBC Article

“I think all of us had a lot of fun sorting out material, sewing notions and getting them to people who could sew then distributing the finished items to hospitals and Doctors surgeries.  We had strict infection control in place as many of our sewers were shielding.  They appreciated our care and attention to detail to control any infection and also being able to be part of something outside their 4 walls.  Many calling it a lifesaver!  It had its stressful moments but we were able to work through those.”

Rachel says she cannot stress enough her thanks to everyone involved for making her co-ordinator role easier.  So many people were prepared to jump in and devote hours to resolving issues.  This award is really for everyone involved.

All at Carbon3IT are proud that Rachel's hard work throughout last summer whilst on furlough, has been recognised at a national level, we look forward to being invited to the Ceremony, where the medal will be officially awarded.

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