Speaking Engagements Q4 2021

Our MD has the following speaking engagements lined up for the rest of the year:

31st August  - CII Data Centre Blueprint Summit - More information here

2nd September - Digital Infrastructure Network - Data Centres & Microgrids - More information here

2nd September Huxley Data Centre Community - Data Centre Sustainability - More information here

28th September - EN-Tech Congress - Panelist - 'Will Data Centres Become the 'Fourth Utility' of the Future?' More information here

30th September - Broadgroup UK & Ireland - Panelist 'Sustainability & energy provision within the UK' More information here

7th October - SCTE Autumn Lecture - National Motorcycle Museum More information here

16/17th November - Data Centres Ireland - TBA More information here

2nd December - BCS Green IT SG - AGM - TBA More information here

9th December - BCS Oxford Branch - 'Climate Change, Energy & Data Centres' More information here

If you would like us to speak at your event on the topics of Green IT, Data Centres, ICT Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, drop us an email to info@carbon3it.com

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