Speaking Engagements – June/July 21

Our MD will be speaking on the topics of Data Centre energy efficiency and sutainability at the following events in June/July:

Broadgroup Data Cloud Congress - 1st June 14:00-14:45 BST - Moderating the Panel Session 'State of Sustainability: Data Centres in 2021 and Beyond'

Digital Infrastructure Network - 10th June - Data and the Hydrogen Economy

Intelligence Forum 16th June

UNIVERSO TIC - 23rd June - TBC

Green IT Fundamentals 5-7th July see previous post for more information and booking

EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres 12th Edition Update 12-14th July, more information coming soon!

Green IT Fundamentals 20-22nd July, see previous post for more information and booking

Indian Green Building Council - 28-30th July - Data Centre event TBC

Additional information will be published prior to the events!


If you'd like our MD to speak at your event on the topics of data centre energy efficiency or sustainability please send an email to info@carbon3it.com


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