Quarter 1 2024 Update & Mentioned in Dispatches…

Waiting for the 6 Nations rugby round 4 matches to begin so thought I'd provide a quick update on our activities so far in 2024.

We've had a lot of work done at Carbon3 Towers over the past 8 months which culiminated in the family having to move out over Christmas & New Year, we still have boxes to unpack and furniture to move as well as new curtain rails and other bits and bobs to sort out, but we're back in the house.

Our first speaking event of the year was a very early start to provide a keynote for the ICAKMPET event on the 28th Jan.

Our second speaking event of the year with the Debating Group at the Houses of Parliament on the 30th Jan was to oppose the motion ''Printed paper as the preferred medium of record, concurrently serving as a sustainable format for marketing communications' although we lost (the room was stacked with print media people) it was a fantastic day all round.

We then visited our client in Portugal for some workshops.

I also attended the Carbon Z Immersion day in Swindon on the 28th Feb

We had a busy week at the Data Centre World event between the 6-7th March, I was hosting the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre , this included presentation and panel sessions such as:

Power, Planet, People, Prosper – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly - An excellent presentation from Neal Kalita of NTT Global

Combined Heat Compute: Challenges & Opportunities Through AI - A panel session led by Stefan Frenzel and including David G, Deborah Andrews & Isabelle Kemlin

Impact of New Legislation - Metrics for change or More of the same - A panel session led by Richard Kenny, and including Mark Butcher, Mark Acton and Astrid Wynne

I then moderated a panel session in the Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre entitled 'Legislation, are we ready' which included Mark Acton, Derek Webster, Andy Lawrence, Gemma Reeves and Paul Hone.

My final act of the day was to present two awards.

On the 7th I again hosted the Energy Efficiency, Cost Management & DCIM Theatre with some excellent panel sessions including:

Data Centres – the Importance of Considering the Whole Picture

and then finally
SMR Nuclear – A Future Energy Source for Data Centres?

This was an actual debate, the motion was 'This house believes that SMR is the only way to power this industry moving forwards.' Proposed and supported by Stephen Bowes Phipps and Simon Brady, and opposed by myself and my colleague Nick Morris, it was a very entertaining session! Hopefully next year there will be more sessions in this format.

Finally, and the 'mentioned in dispatches' bit is that I had an article published in this quarters Data Centre Review magazine entitled 'Where is the power?' you can read it here  pages 37 and 38.

For the remainder of Q1 and Q2 we have the following events lined up

DCD Connect New York & CLS visit - 16th - 20th March

We also have a few meeting scheduled for various things!

I'll be moderating 2 sessions at the Broadgroup ESG event in Rejkavik, Iceland in April, more information here

More info on other events can be found on our website here

Off to watch the rugby and to catch up on a few work tasks now!

Until next time...


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