Digital Heating Projects

Carbon3IT have been a long standing supporter of digital heating concepts, we believe that the waste heat present in data centres and server rooms, can be captured and reused either locally in the building, adjacent buildings or with some engineering, pumped into district heating and hot water systems.

Our involvement in the CATALYST Project, more information here has meant that we have had a lot of exposure to potential solutions, equipment and use cases, we intend to use them in our own business.

So, today we have posted on the a collaboration offer to all public authorities with building stock, hotels, universities etc to consider the use of 'digital heating' as a potential replacement for heating and hot water systems in these types of buildings that are reaching end of life, using our innovative, energy efficient and sustainable digital heating solutions. The 'digital heating' solutions can also be adopted by technology companies planning 5g or Edge deployments in urban areas. We've also proposed a feasibility study with a major transport infrastructure provider to adopt the concept for use in their offices, depots and other building infrastructure located on their national estate.

More information on the opportunity can be found here

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