Carbon3 IT Ltd nominated in the DCS Awards “Outstanding contribution to efficiency and sustainbility”

For the 3rd year is succession, Carbon3IT has been nominated in the DCS Awards in the 'Outstanding contribution to efficiency and sustainability'

Our entry reads as follows:

'Carbon3IT Ltd/John Booth has been a runner up in this category for the past two years, missing out to Schneider Electric (good company to be in) In 2022 we have had our best ever year and have completed data centre sustainability projects for UK and european clients, and have assignments scheduled for more sustainability projects in 2023. These are true sustainability projects relating to the measurement and calculation of GHG emissions and overall embodied carbon and this work is bleeding edge (no one else to our knowledge goes into the level of detail that we do).

We contributed to the development of the TIC Council EUCOC redraft in late 2022, which is the foundation of the EU Taxonomy regulations, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Energy Efficiency Directive (In revision).

We continue our work with the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres (Energy Efficiency), we have completed revised the criteria for the Certified Energy Efficient Data Centre Award (DCD) so that an organisation undertaking a CEEDA assessment can be assured that they will be given a report that can be used for all the impending EU compliance requirements.

We continue our work with the National Data Centre Academy, a digital infrastructure - centre of excellence for which, we have recently submitted a West Midlands Combined Authority Innovation Accelerator Funding proposal, we will find out if we've been successful on the 20th Jan (In which case we expect to publish a press release and to be able to update this entry!) Our activity is thus cutting edge and thus is innovative and sustainable, we don't sell product, we think deeply about how to make digitial infrastucture sustainable and efficient, we sell consultancy and compliance. We're not a big company so dont have 100's of staff worldwide being told to vote for us! We strongly believe that we make a truly outstanding contribution to sustainability and efficiency in the data centre space.

You can vote for us and in lots of categories here

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