2023 Review

Its been an exciting and busy year for Carbon3IT Ltd, and as promised this post is an end of year review.


We commenced our TICR Data Centre surveys, arranging to visit 10 facilities in Jan, Feb and March, we also delivered a 'Green IT' workshop to the UK Atomic Energy Authority, for those unaware of them, they are researching 'fusion' energy. We also starting to deliver our final 'Data Centre Systems Management' module for Birmingham City University. Our MD also appeared on a panel session for the Government ICT Summit.

We also attended a scoping meeting with a 5g/6g broadband provider to determine their carbon footprint.


We visiting 3 TICR datacentres and commencing surveying their cooling systems, this was quite the eye-opener, insofar that many of the EUCOC best practices that relate to cooling didnt appear to have been implemented, this fed into our report to DESNZ, and wok continues on this project in 2024, we have meetings scheduled to discuss benchmarking and net zero roadmaps. We also commenced work on the carbon footprint for the 5G/6G provider. We also awaited the results of the WMCA innovation accelerator competition.

We also attended a TechUK panel on Sustainable Data Centres.


More TICR surveys and plenty of discussions relating to further projects on carbon footprinting and data centre sustainability.

We attended and presented awards at the Data Centre World event in London

We also found out that we'd be unsuccessful in our WMCA Innovation Accelerator proposal, but we had got onto the Innovate UK Edge programme for the National Data Centre Academy as a result of our application, work continues on this project.


We undertook our first overseas trip of the year, visiting Stockholm and Rejkjavik to assess to EN 50600 two data centres for one of their clients.

The following week we took our BCU Data Centre Systems Management students to visit the Proximity Data Centre in Birmingham.

We also took our 2nd overseas trip to Monaco for Data Cloud Congress where we sat on a panel session entitled 'Are we regulation ready?' The answer was No! This, we hope, will be the source of a lot of income in 2024, assisting and preparing data centres to meet the forthcoming EU legislation focussed on data centres.

We also completed our final TICR data centre surveys.


Highlight of this month was being asked to present at the Data Center World event in Austin, Texas, an excellent trip which resulted in lots of connections stateside. The title of the presentation was 'Fear and Loathing in Austin' and covered the energy efficient and sustainability elements to data centres focussed on the US.

We also delivered a presentation at the Data Centre Alliance Data Centre Transformation Conference in Birmingham to present the preliminary findings from the TICR project.

We also attended DCD Madrid, and appeared on a panel discussing the impending EU legislation as it applies to Data Centres.

We also undertook an EUCOC and TCDA assessment at a data centre in the North East of England.


Our MD moderated a panel session at the Renewable Energies Revenues Summit.

We also delivered some training to St Andrews University on CEEDA and impending EU Legislation.


Lots of meetings in July, rounded off with a trip to Frankfurt to deliver some training to a cabling contractor to EUMETSAT, part of the preparation for their upcoming CEEDA assessment which was carried out in December.


In August we visited our longstanding client Start Campus in Portugal, we're embedded client side as part of their sustainability team and the purpose of this visit was to discuss the response to the EU legislation and to discuss automated methods of carbon data acquistion and reporting, this was followed by a trip to Dublin to watch an american collegiate football game between Notre Dame and Navy (ND win 42-3!).


We visited Austin, Texas for the 2nd time this year to appear on a panel session at Data Cloud Austin on Scope 3 emissions as they relate to data centres.

We then visted Oslo for the ESG Summit.


was relative quiet with a visit to London to attend the DCD Connect London event where our MD appeared on a panel discussing data centre water use.

Our MD also attended some external training on HV Awareness.


Another busy month with visits to Washington to attend the DCD Virginia event and to deliver a workshop to the Piedmont Environmental Council on the EU Data Centre legislation (the legislation may not be in place in the US as yet, but it is only a matter of time!)

We also had a busy few days at Data Centres Ireland, with our MD appearing on two panel sessions and moderating a third.


started with a CEEDA assessment for EUMETSAT, the DCD Awards (Our MD is a judge!) and delivering a short session the day after (our MD may have been hungover!) at the PowerEx event followed by the DCA Christmas party.

Our last paying assignment was to deliver some training to a large G Cloud and MSP on Green IT.

2024 Outlook

We have a strong order book for 2024 and this includes:

Start Campus, TICR Project, CEEDA assessments, EN 50600 assessments, TCDA assessments, EUCOC pre-application consultancy, Health and Safety Assessments, a Submarine Cable assessment for Carbon Footprinting, a Satellite Ground Station Carbon Footprint Project, and other projects mostly all concerned with data centres or telco networks, meaning that we're probably the only organisation globably with exprience in carbon footprinting, energy efficiency and sustainability in all the data centre and associated spaces.

We'll also have some interesting news to share later in the year on other projects.

Finally, we wish all our readers the very best of the season and we'll see you on the other side.

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